Real Estate


So many people don’t know the impact it makes when you decide to use the services of an estate agent. The estate agent is the link between buyers and sellers, and he will negotiate on your behalf and get a good deal according to the agreement you have. For the services that you will get from the estate agent, you will agree on a fee that may be paid before or after the sale. An estate agent is not expensive than so many people may think. You may be reluctant in hiring an estate agent because you have no idea of the services to expect from the agent.

Below are some of the services that the estate agent offers.

Buying and selling your home

jhhjjhjhjnnbbccxYou are thinking of moving to another state you will have to sell your home if you are moving into a new area, and you want to purchase a new home. The only way to get help is if you use the estate agent. The agent will make sure to get you what you want if the house is legally registered under your name.

Carry out an open house

Not all properties are right for an open house and not so many estates agent carry out an open house. Because it requires a lot of effort to make the buyers feel oppressed or bounded in making a decision. An estate agent will be able to use the open house to his/her advantage to get buyers to buy the house or sell the homes.

Marketing the property

The estate agent will do everything that is required of him to get the word out about your home. He will make full-color flyers that will advertise your property to the public more. Also, they will use their website in ensuring that they market the product to get a buyer soon. For an estate agent. They have the required tools to make sure that the house is sold within the shortest time.

Negotiate on your behalf

jhjhjjhjhjjjjhjhThe estate agent should have the skills to negotiate because that’s the only way he can close the deal. The estate agent should be the able to talk to people and not be shy in convincing the clients. An estate agent will be able to negotiate on your behalf, and you will not have to meet with different buyers to talk about the price trying to convince them.…


Are you a real estate investor in a non-EU country? Would wish to invest in Portugal? If yes, you can lay assured that this will not take you long. The reason being, Portugal has minimized the procedures involved in acquiring a golden visa to attract property investors. Here are a few facts to know about Portugal Visas for real estate investors.

Type of investments allowed in the Portuguese Golden visa policy

Recently, Portugal has made amendments in the aSdxasaSdCgolden visa to accommodate more investments. Purposely, this was a way to attract more foreign investors. With a golden visa, you can acquire properties worth many thousands. Also, you can venture into capital investments. There is a minimum amount required for different types of capital investments.

Requirements to comply with

Ideally, the golden visa gate has helped simplify the requirements for every type of investment. Nevertheless, before an investor can invest, he must have met both the general and specific requirements for the investment of choice. Some of these demands are that money must not come from Portugal, and the investment must have a life of at least five years. Also, one must produce a European visa that allowed him or her to be in Portugal among others.

Must have documents

To obtain a golden visa, it is required that you produce the following documents, an application fee receipt, a passport, a criminal record either from home county or Portugal. In addition to this, you must produce a document showing nil tax arrears, compliance with investments policies and a document from social security showing no debt records. Complying with all these requirements is a gateway to Portuguese real estate investment.

Key benefits of a golden visa

ASwdaDScAPossessing the golden visa comes with some benefits. First, with a golden visa, there is no point for looking for another visa. Secondly, the golden visa allows people to move into European countries with their families.Thirdly, you are guaranteed of low tax rates. Other benefits include, you become a permanent resident after a period of 5 years. Why then should you hesitate to invest in Portugal?

If you are looking for a country to invest in, try investing in Portugal. Portugal has opened its gates to foreign investors with the friendly golden visa. If you have you have always thought about investing abroad, then, give Portuguese real estate a priority.…